I didn’t know I’d started a blog!

I had just added my friend’s blog to my WordPress.com list of blogs I follow (who knew that information would show up on my screen – it always surprises me each time it does, then, I confess I forget all about it till the next time I happen to want to link to a special blog – computers still surprise me – probably will never stop surprising me!)

Anyway, as I am going to CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) training in October, I had toyed with the idea of having a blog – wanted to think of a clever name – but I’m going with the plain vanilla, just what it is title. This way, if I ever have students, I can give them a simple (if you discount the spelling of my name) way to reach me – nothing too hard to remember.

Zentangle has been very important to me since I discovered it about 2 years ago – I asked for a kit for Christmas 2011 as I have everything I need in life and I’d seen and been intrigued by some examples of Zentangling. I got the kit, and was a bit overwhelmed, but took it with me as we Snow Birded down to Florida in early 2012. By the most amazing chance, Debbie Perdue, a CZT who lives in Port St Lucie was at the Fort Pierce market just the once and I came across her work. I signed up for all the classes I could and really got excited about tangling. I was not “an artist” – I’ll probably post about that at some point, as it is my hobby horse! – but I was able to make tiles I could be proud of.

Back in Connecticut, I was fortunate to meet Dr Merry Yuhas, and took classes from her. By this time my daughter had been diagnosed with lymphoma, so I tangled through her chemotherapy and through my fear and anguish. My times with a micron and a tile were very precious to me – and enabled me to have times of tranquility in a life that has become a whirlwind. Although I am too easily trapped by the belief that I must judge myself against all the tanglers I see around me, I made the decision in December 2013 to become a CZT. My class isn’t till October – I thought it was a long way away, but the time is rushing towards me!

Kristen is still sick – she now has an autoimmune disease to battle, so I am still tangling during doctor visits and while she is sleeping. And I’m still getting a deep sense of peace from my times of drawing. Thus, I have decided to focus on teaching this method at cancer centers and other places where people could use a little respite. I’ve still got a long way to go before I am trained to do this and I’m not very good at selling myself, so I have that hurdle to climb. But I am energized and enthusiastic – so perhaps the road will lead where I hope this time!